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Félix et associés
Design Workshop

"Design is a strategic tool : a fundamental basis for the durability and development of any company"

For the last 16 years, Félix et associés have proved that design:

+ is a key factor of differentiation for companies in a more and more competitive environment
+ acts directly on the perception of brand identity and company image
+ brings added value to a product and/or service by acting directly on their functionalities, quality, and aesthetics
+ associates the various actors of development in a company through combined action in different departments
+ creates a collective dynamic around a project
+ ensures continued development for a company: products or services are adapted to business reality (industrial tool / budget…) and commercial objectives (finding your audience / anticipating clients’ needs and expectations)
+ fosters a general and long-term - even future-oriented - vision


Thomas Félix has been recognized by BPI France as Expert Design Consultant for the Gironde area.
Félix et associés have been given the “CII” agreement (tax credit on innovation) by the Direction Générale des Entreprises since 2014.

A Pragmatic Approach and Cross-Disciplinary Vision of Design

The main asset of the Félix et associés agency is to propose a cross-disciplinary intervention on all aspects of company identity: brand identity, development of products and services, creation of commercial and work spaces

Product / industrial Design
Designing industrial objects and products for companies allows them to promote their values and know-how, and to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Space Design
Designing tailor-made sales outlets (shops, boutiques,…) and living/working spaces (offices, workspaces, hotels, nursing homes,…) enables to create both comfortable and functional environments. These spaces also contribute to the full expression of a company’s identity.

Brand Design
Designing brand identity and visual, graphic and written communication (signage, corporate identity/graphic charter, print, web, visual interface) plays an important role in making the strategic positioning of a company more visible.  


Prizes and Certification Labels
2006 - 2016

  • Janus de l'industrie 2006
  • Janus du commerce 2010
  • Label observeur design 2012
  • Janus de la prospective 2012
  • Label TADI 2012
  • Label observeur design 2014
  • reddot design award 2014
  • Janus de la prospective 2014





projets F+a à partir de 2005

The team

  • Noélie Alexandre Noélie Alexandre
    Space designer
  • Rudolph Aw Rudolph Aw
    Space designer
  • Cécile Bensignor Cécile Bensignor
  • Guillaume Bonnin Guillaume Bonnin
    3D Modeler designer
  • Corentin Cruaud Corentin Cruaud
    Graphic designer
  • Giorgiana Gace Giorgiana Gace
    Product Designer - Fablab manager
  • Alexandre Lobstein Alexandre Lobstein
  • Robin Nguyen Robin Nguyen
    Product designer
  • Benoit Serieyssol Benoit Serieyssol
    Designer and business partner
  • Fabienne Versluys Fabienne Versluys
    Strategic watchwoman. Marketing and communication. Business partner
  • Olivier Mérillon Olivier Mérillon
    Industrial designer
  • Thomas Félix Thomas Félix
    Designer and CEO



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