Avionics 2020 for Helicopter

Client : Thales
Delivery date: Feb. 2014

Modeled on the principles behind the ground-breaking Avionics 2020 for fixed wing aircraft presented at the 2013 Paris Air Show, this cockpit represents the new-generation in helicopter avionics. These efforts, culminated in a new-generation cockpit founded on natural and direct hands-on interaction, designed to give the pilot all the elements needed to make the right critical decisions at the right time.

Thales unveils Avionics 2020 new-generation helicopter cockpit on the opening day of the HELI-EXPO 2014 show in Los Angeles.


A cockpit designed around the principles of open architecture, man machine interface and customizability is no longer an intellectual exercise but a viable commercial application. Thales’s Avionics 2020 will be the new meter of comparison for helicopters in the 21st century.

Denis Bonnet
[Head of Innovation at Thales’s Cockpit Competence Centre]

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