Client : Thales
Delivery date: Jun. 2016

TOP MAX is a new product by Thales Avionics, the French aircraft equipment manufacturer. It was designed in close collaboration with the Félix et associés team for civil (plane and helicopter) pilots. This helmet, still in its testing phase, enables pilots to use Augmented Reality functionalities in their head-up vision during the flight, as well as a Bose audio headset.
It is the direct result of reflexion and forecasting work conducted by Thales Avionics about tomorrow’s pilot and the Avionics2020 concept. That is why it takes up the identity features of Avionics2020 in its construction.
The challenge for the designers was to create a product with a strong technological identity, while making its use satisfying for the pilot: comfort / weight / dimensions are elements that were taken into account in its design to create a fair and engaging perception of the service. This decisively innovative product also confirms the position of Thales Avionics as the leader on the market.

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