Sésame / Aximum

Client : Aximum Produits Electroniques
Delivery date: Nov. 2012

With the Sésame access management unit, Aximum Electronic Products has expanded its offer of controlled access solutions to safe areas thanks to new technologies.
Sésame, the new generation of access management units for retractable bollards, is the first control unit totem for remote management eco-designed for cities, maintenance and users.

This urban control unit totem meets both the needs for resistance (double case) and an easier and scalable maintenance. It combines the very latest connected digital technologies.

While take into account technical, proportion and usage constraints, our designers have managed to translate the brand identity of Aximum in an aesthetically-pleasing product, the essential character of which reflecting its main function. Through its simplicity and possible customisation, this monolith can be installed in all types of historic town or city centre.  

Félix et associés have also worked on the graphic design of interfaces (users and maintenance).

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