Odicis / Thales

Client : Thales
Delivery date: Jun. 2011

ODICIS stands for "One DIsplay for a Cockpit Interactive Solution". In a cockpit, it prefigures a touch screen visualisation principle, which allows a new type of information display on a single screen and brings a big visibility and flexibility to the crew. Félix et associés started working on cockpit 3.0 (name given by Thales to its vision of an aircraft cockpit by 2030) very early in the project. This allowed a completely new point of view on fundamentally technological objects. The mission of our designers was to materialise the innovative dimension of the project and take into account the technological constraints technologiques in a sort of “concept car”.

Félix et associés also worked on expressing the ideal and futuristic identity that would bear the technological ambitions of Thales, which catches imagination and gives rise to projections by the different users and contributors.

“Observeur de design 2012” label by APCI (in French)

“Janus de la Prospective” 2012 by IFD (in French)



Félix et associés’ double skill (product and space design), has enabled not only to consider the product itself, but also to set up a real-life staging in space – i.e. that of the cockpit.

Denis Bonnet
[Head of Safety & Human Factor department]

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