Nextgen: passerelle du futur (state-of-the-art navigation bridge)

Client : Naval Group
Lieu : Ruelle sur Touvre
Delivery date: Nov. 2015

Since 2013, Félix et associés has had the priviledge to be one of the actors in naval expert DCNS’ innovative ecosystem regarding business development projects in the group, as well as some international programmes.

The Passerelle du Futur (state-of-the-art navigation bridge) project is a long-term forecasting programme on ship navigation bridges integrating issues about usage, technologies and spaces. It calls upon the skills of our designers: creation of interfaces (visual identities), usage scenarios, space design, equipments and products (posts and functions).
This concept was developed for different formats of DCNS ships: Multimission Frigates, new- and old-generation Corvettes.
Some elements of the concept are potentially delivered and presented to future clients.
Technical specifications of the brand defines the rules of design, equipment and space design.

An innovation room installed on the DCNS Ruelle site materialises the first stage of the innovative concepts designed for the NextGen bridge.
On the one hand, this room is a laboratory for maritime technologies likely to be used on tomorrow’s ships. On the other hand, it can host real-life situation tests which enable to try the ergonomics of workspaces or interfaces during their development process. Since it was implemented, it has been regularly updated in its technological and material aspects, thanks to constant user feedback.

Project conducted in collaboration with Eric Lunven and Stéphanie Labrousse, supervised by Hervé Bois.

Delivery in November 2013, in Ruelle-sur-Touvre.
Version for trade fairs developed in November 2014, for the Euronaval 2014 show.
This project was awarded the Janus de la Prospective 2015 prize.


The success met by the Passerelle du Futur concept demonstrator at the Euronaval 2014 fair shows the ability for design to embody conceptual beauty, to participate fully to the creation of harmony, and to convey meaning in the whole innovation ecosystem.

Stéphanie Labrousse
[Business Development and Innovation Manager]

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